6/5/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, we packed up and headed east for a two week road trip.  We only made it as far as Amarillo.  We stayed at a Quality Inn just a little ways off I-40.  Along our route, we also punched a weak hail core (slushy pea-sized hail).  I tweeted about it and it was picked up by Albuquerque NWS as well as Channel 4 in Albuquerque.

JoAnna and I talked about hard work last night.  I value hard work and struggle, but why value struggle?  It is inefficient and stupid.  Learn something new everyday, I suppose.

Giving up fighting depression.

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5/30/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I was still fighting the depression.  I fasted and went for another run, 2.6 miles this time around.

I did finally go through my storm chase photos and added them to my weather blog.  Here is the link to the 2017 Storm Chase:  2017 Storm Chase  Please go check it out, as I have quite a few nice photos up.

Other than that, I did some more housework in an attempt to catch up on two weeks of absence.  I cleaned my fish tank and did some weed-whacking.

I also did some grocery shopping and walked around taking photos of “Help Wanted” signs.

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The Last Two Weeks

I have been out storm chasing with a few Virginia Tech alumni for the past two weeks.  I haven’t had time to post on this blog, and am behind on my storm chase blog as well.

This storm chase has been probably the best chase I have ever done.  My chase team was solid.  We caught four tornadoes in four states.  We were on severe storms almost every day.  Navigation, costs, and everything were within spec.  I did get a few hail dents, but kept all of the windows.

I did lose a former student during this time.  Unfortuately, my former student and friend, Ben Nzavi, drowned while trying to save his daughter, who fell in a lake and also drowned.

I’m in a little post-chase depression, as usual, after our last chase day.  I just dropped Kathryn off at the Tulsa airport, and said goodbye to Alex, Aaron and Dan, as they drive back to VA.  I am at a Waffle House just north of town, getting ready for my long trek west.

Thank you guys for reading my post.

5/8/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the bulk of the day working at Magdalena.  I tutored quite a few classes before heading back to the NMT Campus to work on a few things there.

At NMT, I did some lab cleanup and a whole bunch of grading. I am waiting on one more thing before I submit my final grades for the semester.

I’ve entered the final week before storm chasing, and it is really hitting me how much I still have left to finish out.  I have some minor car repairs, batteries to charge, and APRS to set up.  I have to finish packing, and make sure I have everything arranged in my garden for my departure.

Even so, I’m looking forward to it!

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2/15/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning and early afternoon tutoring at Magdalena.  The kids were still on a sugar high, but things were a little calmer, and I think we all had a good day.

In the afternoon, I attended our department meeting, which included a meeting with the Vice President of the university.   It was nice to meet him.

In the evening, I commuted home with little drama or incident.

When I arrived at home, I worked on my weather station some more, as it had crashed during the day.  I had to restart the console, and then the software.  Restarting the console is a pain, as I have to reset the time, units, alarms, etc.  I think it is up and running now, however.

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2/7/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I tutored in Magdalena in the morning.  On Tuesdays, I get to tutor the sophomore class in AVID, though it is the only day where that is possible with my schedule.

In the afternoon, I taught my Measurement, Instrumentation and Process Control class.  This week’s lesson was about digital logic, and included truth tables and conversion to and from binary.  There was also a lab where the students had to build NAND, NOT and AND logic gates.

In the evening, I took the buses and trains back to Rio Rancho.  My weather station had sounded an alarm while I was gone, and had been subsequently unplugged.  I spent part of the night reprogramming it and getting it back on the internet.

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2/5/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was a busy day.  I started out by working on some housework, siphoning water from the aquarium and changing the cat boxes.  I also did some yard work.  I organized a few things in my reloading shed and cleaned up the area around the woodstove.  I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen.

At some point, I went for a run, somewhere around two miles.

In the afternoon, I went grocery shopping and then cooked a few dinners for this week.

In the evening, I folded several loads of laundry and checked into an amateur radio net.

I also played on an old computer until I was able to make the weather station post to Wunderground.  So far, it seems to work well.

Thank you for reading my post.