5/7/18: Daily Post

Yesterday went by too quickly.  I started out the day by commuting to Socorro to meet with the new HazMat person.

I then went to Magdalena to turn in the receipts and keys for the Magdalena storm chase.  The students were on a field trip, so I ended up on lunch duty for the middle school instead of tutoring.

In the afternoon, I worked in the Unit Operations lab.  The first thing I did was take apart the pump system on the absorption column.  The drain pump had failed a few semesters ago, and we were using gravity to drain the tank from the bottom.  I put a submersible sump pump in place instead, and that seems to work.  I also traced down a leak that has been giving me trouble.

After messing the column, I turned my attention to the batch reactor.  I was able to set up a hot water line for heating the reactor faster.  I leak tested it, and, after having a fitting pop and spray hot water everywhere, I was able to get it working.

In the evening, I had an online tutoring session for Varsity Tutors- my first in several weeks.

Thank you for reading my post.



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