7/28/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, we started our day at the Rodeway at the north end of Chicago.  We had breakfast with one of JoAnna’s friend from high school.  We ate at Yolk, and I had great chicken and waffles.

Soon after breakfast, we drove around until we found free parking, and then went to the Nature Museum, where this friend worked.  She is a taxidermist there, and trains other taxidermists, so we toured the museum and watched her teaching someone to skin and stuff a blackbird.

The museum was great.  They had a bird and butterfly exhibit, where you walk into an indoor garden full of exotic butterflies.  There was also this flightless bird called a button quail, and they were neat.

In the afternoon, we drove to Peoria to have dinner with one of my former students.  She invited us to stay at her house, so we did that last night.

Thank you for reading my post.


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