7/26/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was a mess.  I still went to the process safety workshop, and that was good.

However, I learned part of the way through the day that New Mexico Tech, in their infinite wisdom and inbred nonsense has decided to take more chemical engineering lab space, and they want us out before the start of the semester.  They have no money to pay us for the move and I can’t even hire student workers.  They have not given us a space to put the equipment.  I have three 400 gallon stainless steel tanks that need a home.  One of the other professors paid to have her 3000 lb microscope table installed a few months earlier.  I wonder how they think I should move that by myself with no funding.

No, no and no again.  I am currently looking for another job.  McDonald’s is more honest than working for a university.  If your kids are in high school, tell them about the advantages of selling drugs instead of going to the university.  More money, less debt, smarter, more honest people as coworkers and clients.

Higher education is the biggest fraud to ever exist in America.



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