7/24/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, we finished our drive to Forsyth, IL, starting the day in Fort Scott, KS.  It was a relatively easy drive, with no major hitches.

I made contacts on amateur radio while we drove through Western Missouri.  I trailed off as we got close to I-44, as I have operated from most of those counties, and the traffic got heavier around some road construction.

In the evening, I met up with my group for the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) workshop here in Forsyth, IL.  This event is hosted by ADM, and we will spend the next two and a half days doing plant tours and watching presentations about chemical safety.  I’m looking forward to it!

In the evening, JoAnna and I were able to get outside and photograph the International Space Station (ISS) again, this time over Illinois.

iss 7-24-17 il

Thank you for reading my post.


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