7/23/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, we spent the day on the road from Guymon, OK, to Fort Scott, KS.  We have named this trip the “Nerd Olympics, 2017” thanks to all of the nerdy things we have done along the way.

First, we left Guymon and plotted a route through southern Kansas.  It was designed for me to operate my amateur radio equipment in a bunch of new counties.  I only talked to a few people in each county, but I did operate from a handful of new counties.

Along our route, we passed through the town of Moline, KS, which had a sign boasting of the “Oldest Swinging Bridge in Kansas.”  With that, we had to stop.


This creek was quite neat in itself.  We watched crawdads, minnows and pond skimmers running along the surface of the water.

Also, the gravel around the creek was completely full of fossils.  I found a good crinoid stem, and JoAnna found a handful of other fossils.


While I looked around at the crawdads and the fossils, it occurred to me that there was probably a geocache nearby.  I downloaded the app and went on a quest, and found the magnetic box under the bridge.

After that, we packed up and continued towards Fort Scott.  Along the way, we detoured to drive into a new county.  When I had finished operating from that county, we found another geocache and signed yet another logbook.

We then drove to Fort Scott, arriving right around sundown.



We also watched several trains pass through town, including this one, that had a crew change as we arrived.


In the late evening, we watched the International Space Station (ISS) appear to pass through the Big Dipper.

iss 7-23-17 ks

Thank you for reading my post.







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