Return From Storm Chasing

Yesterday, I spent the entire day on the road.  I left Tulsa in the morning and drove north to try and make a few contacts on the county hunters net, as I have not operated from several counties in northeastern Oklahoma.  I was not able to make a single contact.

Having burned two hours, it was an even longer drive home.  I arrived in Albuquerque around 8 pm and did some grocery shopping.

I fell asleep in my chair and my animals are slowly forgiving me for being gone so long.

So far, I am not able to kick the post-storm chase blues.  I may not go again, if this keeps up.

Thank you for reading my post.



2 thoughts on “Return From Storm Chasing

  1. If you have been on the air for any length of time you know there will be days of nothing but background noise coming over the speaker. Don’t let it get you down there is always tomorrow. 73 KL1HB

    • Yeah, that happens. However, the S9 +20dB noise was the problem. When I got home, I compared my 857 to another one (mounted it in my car, too) and the noise was S3-S5 on the other radio. Sending mine back to Yaesu per conversation with tech support.

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