4/17/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was a busy day, even though Magdalena had the day off.  I started out hte morning by helping a graduate student install LabVIEW and interface a pump system that they had developed.  I think she is up and running now, and can finish her work.

After that, I took a brief walk around campus, stopping and watching some turtles and bullfrogs at the duckpond.  That was much more relaxing that I thought it would be.

I then filed to renew my passport.  That has been on my list forever.

In the afternoon, I attended the Junior Design practice presentations, and then met with several of the groups after class.  Their final presentations are next Friday, so things are winding down (or winding up, depending on how much work they have done this semester, and how much is left to go).

In the evening, I missed air rifle practice.  I tinkered in the radio room in preparation for the amateur radio license review session.  No students attended the review, so I spent the evening talking with a graduate student and updating computers.

I then walked to my brother’s house for a day-late Easter dinner and an episode of NCIS.

Thank you for reading my post.


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