4/4/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was a busy day.  I spent the morning tutoring in Magdalena and the afternoon teaching instrumentation lab.  I also did some work around my office until a 6:30 pm conference call.

Tutoring in Magdalena was nothing special yesterday, just a normal Tuesday. I tutored two AVID classes, Algebra II, and Physical Science.  I demonstrated using a  beaker as a ghetto speaker to give a practical example of amplification.

The instrumentation lab went alright, though we struggle with internet problems and getting the NI-6008 modules to work without rebooting.  Eventually, both groups were running, however.

I had a conference call for a committee for the Society for Industrial Archeology. The call went quickly and was quite efficient.  It was nice to “meet” a few of the SIA folks on the phone.

I drove home after the call and cooked some stirfry for dinner.  We talked about summer plans for a bit, and I will hopefully have those locked down soon.

I also noticed that yesterday marked 15 years since my college girlfriend and I split up.  There is a lot of water under that bridge!  We are still friends, and I hear from her once a month or so.

Thank you for reading my post.


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