2/21/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I tutored at Magdalena in the morning.  While I was there, I started repairing a model steam engine that uses electricity to heat the water.  There was a sight glass to determine the level of the water in the pressure vessel, but it was cracked.  As it turns out, the company that makes the steam engine is still in business, so I ordered another sight glass for $4.30.

In the afternoon, I taught my instrumentation class.  This week’s lesson was on the Basic STAMP II Microcontroller.  I think it went well, and I think the students had fun with the class.  After class, the weather was great, so I went outside and did some reading.

In the evening, I decided to stick around NMT and Socorro for the evening.  I did some lab housekeeping, grading and so on.

Thank you for reading my post.


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