2/19/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was a super-productive day.  I started out the day by sorting out the seeds that I have laying all around the house and two sheds.  I had corn that had dried out, but never been removed from the cob and pepper seeds that had been allowed to dry, but was still sitting in a bin, waiting to be bagged.

After that, I spent some time working on radio mounts for the Crown Vic.  I have been looking at different radio mounting ideas since I bought the car in May of 2015.  I settled on a transmission hump mount with the HF radio, and then I simply mounted the VHF/UHF radio on the floor of the center console.

After that, I did my standard laundry, grocery shopping and cooking that I do most Sundays.  While I was grocery shopping, I needed to stop for gas.  A drunk guy wandered over to me while I was pumping gas.  No shoes, no shirt, and seemed to be enjoying the 40 F weather.  He asked if I was with the FBI.  I told him I wasn’t, and so he proceeded to tell me about a snake and homeland security.  Then, he said, “Peace, Bro,” and wandered off.  Then he mooned me.

In the evening, I messed around with a webcam, trying to set it up as a weather camera, with no luck.  I will play with that again next weekend.  I also repaired y Morse Code key.

Thank you for reading my post.


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