2/6/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was busy, and I did quite a bit of walking.  I think I walked over 22,000 steps yesterday, and I think I almost went over my calorie allowance, thanks to molasses cookies.

I started out by commuting from Rio Rancho, then tutoring in Magdalena.  Tutoring went well, though it was a bit of a slow day.  At least one of the classes was missing quite a few students due to a college presentation, so we spent the day reviewing material instead.

After tutoring, I came back to NMT and walked to the garage to pick up our department pickup truck.  I drove it down to campus.  Then, I met up with an investigator about a former student who was applying for a security clearance.  Then, I moved our brand new spin coater across campus, and started setting it up.

In the evening, I attended air rifle practice.

Then I taught the amateur radio licensure course.  This week, we started building a 40 meter QRP radio.  The students installed all of the capacitors, and are now comfortable and competent at soldering.

It was a busy day.

Thank you for reading my post.


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