2/2/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I did a lot of tutoring.  I tutored Algebra II, Physical Science, Biology, and two AVID classes.  I then left Magdalena to go to the Boys and Girls Ranches.

At the Ranches, we did two neat lab activities.  One involved water and food coloring, where different colors represent different blood types.  Mixing the cups simulates which blood types were compatible;  if the color changed, they were not.  The other lab was about constructing a model of lungs using soda bottles, straws, balloons and a plastic bag.  The students liked both demos.

I did some grading and updated a few things in Canvas in the evening.  I had dinner at my brother’s house and watched an episode of The Colony, which I didn’t follow, jumping into the middle of the series and all.

Thank you for reading my post.


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