1/16/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I drove the Crown Vic to Magdalena. I left later than I had intended, but still managed to tutor most of the day.  Magdalena schools were in session, even though it was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, though the Socorro shuttle was not running.  Therefore, the only solution was to drive to Socorro.  I switched cars in Socorro, taking the Malibu to Magdalena.

Along the way, I checked into the local 2 meter amateur radio net, as well as to operate from Bernalillo, Valencia and Socorro counties on the 20 meter amateur radio band.

After tutoring, I came back to Socorro and set up most of my class in Canvas.  It took me a while to figure out why I was having trouble with it saving my assignments, but then I realized I had the wrong due dates- that it was due before it was assigned!  Once that was fixed, all was well.

In the evening, I walked around campus several times, and then went to my brother’s house late.  I chatted with them until 1:30 or so before going to bed.

Thank you for reading my post.


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