1/5/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was our first day back from our Christmas road trip.  It is always a little sad to end the trip, but also exciting to start out the new year and figure out what things can be done.

I started out by rearranging the area around my desk.  I had an old countertop and set of drawers that was almost useless where it was, so I moved it into the kitchen.  It is bigger than I’d like, even for the kitchen, though it does provide some extra space for kitchen gadgets.  With the countertop behind my desk gone, I also have more room for moving my chair around, instead of getting pinned in.

After that, I did some household cleaning, and started sorting through a pile of mail.

I also did some grocery shopping, returned home, and went to bed.

Thank you for reading my end-of-trip post.


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