1/2/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was strange and somewhat frustrating.  Sort of.  It was also fun.

I started out the morning by running on the treadmill in the hotel.  I went to increase my speed and the treadmill stopped.  Completely.  I ran into the control section.  Then, it instantly increased to the speed I’d set.  I almost fell.  After that, I gave up on the treadmill and went for a real run outside.  All in all, I ran four miles.

After that, I tried to get connected to the hotel internet with no luck.  I ended up burning some of my data plan to get connected.

Then, we started towards Rolla, MO.  Along our drive, a van full of Mennonite girls waved at me.  I thought I was quite attractive, and was flattered that they had noticed.  This whole working out thing is going well.  Instead, as they passed, I saw that they were from New Mexico, too.

After that disappointment, I decided to vary from I-70 to operate from a few new counties on a route north of I-70.  Instead, I watched the exit go by, while I thought, “I should turn there.”  Instead of doubling back a full 10 miles down the road, I decided to go south and run two new counties.  Instead, that road split and was unlabeled.  This meant I headed southeast back into Indiana.  Frustrated, I finally found my way to the two counties I needed.

I did miss walking 250 steps every hour, as two of those hours were spent on narrow, windy roads in rural Illinois.  In the rain.

Once I arrived in the second county, I went in search of a restroom.  I stopped at a Dairy Queen in Newton, Illinois.  As I stretched my legs, a woman from the Dairy Queen came out and yelled, “Are you guys looking for the geocache?”  I wasn’t, but once she said that, I looked for it.  In the rain.

I found it!  My first geocache, almost by accident!


After that, I got back on I-44 and headed southeast.  We stopped in Greenville for lunch, and to take a photo of the “Welcome to Greenville” sign, as I have a student who is originally from Greenville and they wanted a photo for a scrap book.  My photo isn’t great, but it’s what I could get.  In the rain.


We then continued east.  I stopped later on and picked up a few snacks.  While I was there, I grabbed a handful of hot sauce packets, like I’ve done a million times.  They are good on just about everything and they keep forever.  Anyway, a mile or so down the road, I smell vinegar. I touch my neck and see that I am bleeding.

Nope.  One of the packets had exploded, filling my pocket with hot sauce.  I ended up having to stop to clean up the mess- stop far too close to East St. Louis for delicate sensibilities.

In the evening, we continued through St. Louis, though there was so much fog, I could not see the arch from I-70.

The GPS got lost and I missed the turn for I-44. I doubled through another lovely part of St. Louis and headed southwest.

Finally, we caught up with JoAnna and her family at the Missouri Hick BBQ Restaurant in Cuba, MO, for some excellent beef brisket before continuing to St. Roberts, MO, where we decided to stay tonight.  We picked the Quality Inn.

Once there, I went for another several mile walk, just because I could.

Thank you for reading my long-winded post.



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