12/18/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, we drove from Dallas, TX, to Meridian, MS.  We could have went farther, but the logistics were such that it was worth stopping for the night a little early and trying to reset our internal clocks to getting up in the morning.  Therefore, we stopped at 9PM instead of continuing until midnight or 1 AM, like we had done in previous nights.

It was not quite as cold yesterday, but it was still too cold to go around without multiple layers.  We also quit driving before it got really cold.

In Louisiana, we reported a driver who was driving erratically.  He was swerving all over the road quickly, running onto the shoulder and into the slow lane.  We followed him for quite some time, and I was on a conference call with two county Sheriff departments and the state police.  They pulled him over- he stopped his car in the fast lane rather than pulling over.  The cop ordered him to the shoulder, and that was the last we saw.  We figured that was the end of it.  Nope.  We stopped for dinner and fueled up and relaxed for a bit.  Maybe another 100 miles down the road, we saw the same car smashed in the median.  We don’t know what happened.

Today’s plan is to drive to Columbus, GA, and meet up with a friend for coffee.  After that, we’ll head to Atlanta for dinner with JoAnna’s uncle.  We’ll probably spend tonight in or near Atlanta.


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