12/5/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a long day.  I started out by commuting to Socorro on the buses and trains.  I barely made the train, as first a guy was driving 5 mph out of my neighborhood, and then I got stuck behind him as he did 15 mph on Southern.  I finally passed him on Unser.  Then, A tractor trailer tried to make a turn and blocked the entrance to the train station.  Until the light changed, he was stuck there.  The train actually waited for him, as there were several of us waiting to get to the station and the conductor saw the situation, thankfully.

I tutored at Magdalena in the morning.  It was good to get in some hours, as I haven’t been there quite as often as I’d have liked to this month.

In the afternoon, I attended all of the Monday Unit Operations Lab final presentations.  They all went well, and I think I left good feedback for all of the groups.

In the evening, I worked with almost every Chem-E-Car Team to get them prepared for today’s competition.  I am impressed with quite a few of the cars.  Most of them seem to move, which is unusual.

Thank you for reading my post.


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