11/10/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I commuted to Magdalena and tutored there all day.  Most of the day went as a normal Thursday, and I tutored Physical Science and AVID, but then later in the day, we had two separate assemblies.T

The first assembly was a Veteran’s Day celebration.  They read a blurb about each World War II veteran that had lived in Magdalena, and included a quick story by a 91 year old veteran.  Before the ceremony began, they read the Pledge of Allegiance in English, Spanish and Navajo.  What was interesting to me is how many New Mexicans were part of the Bataan Death March.  As it turns out, NM soldiers were sent to the Philippines because they could speak Spanish.

The second assembly was a play that was performed by the drama class.  It was pretty good, and I think the students were entertained.

I left Magdalena and drove back to Socorro.  Once there, I had several meetings with students about their freshman design projects.  I think I got all of them rolling for the next few days.

In the late evening, I left with 18 students for San Francisco, as we are driving through the night to get to the conference today.

Thank you  for reading my post.


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