11/9/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I did not quite expect to wake up and hear that there was going to be a President Trump.  I had slept in a little bit longer than I had intended, due to staying up to see the election coverage, so I started the day behind.

I went to Magdalena, though the students were in an anti-drug assembly for the third period class.  Once it finished, I tutored in the AVID class.

After Magdalena, I went back to NMT and worked in the Unit Operations lab.  Yesterday started their final set of experiments, and so they were learning how to conduct each experiment using the equipment provided.  One thermocouple failed, which is annoying, but was easily replaced.

In the evening, I took the buses and trains home.  Along the way, I finished watching all of the Week 10 lectures for the GIS class, and have begun working on the lab.  I also added a few words to my NaNoWriMo project, putting me only 500 words behind or so.  I’ll catch that one up over the next few days.

Once I arrived at home, I chatted with JoAnna and Joey for a bit, started packing up for the conference and then went to bed.

Thank you for reading my post.


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