11/7/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a productive day.  I debated staying home and buying ammo instead of going to work, as I know the price will increase after the election, probably more so than what I would make by going to work.  Even so, I chose to go to work.

I tutored at Magdalena in the morning, standard Monday classes:  Algebra II, Physical Science and AVID.  I talked to Dad on the ride up, and made a bunch of phone calls on the way back, ordering some meds, and checking on the Taurus Settlement.

In the afternoon, I ran the unit operations lab.  This week was the introductory session, so the students come and see the equipment without running experiments.  They get a feel for what they have control over and what is out of their control.

Then, I planned out my lecture and homework for class today, as well as refined my guest lecture today for the freshman class.

On the commute home, I worked on my NaNoWriMo project.  I’m still on track to finish that, as I am a few words ahead of where I need to be.  However, I have some travel and three major projects due soon, all of which will slow down my writing.

Thank you for reading my post.


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