11/4/16: Daily Post

*I forgot to hit Publish*

In the past, 11/4 has been an interesting day.

2002: Turned in paperwork to swtich out of Elecrical Engineering. Felt like a huge failure. Started in Materials Engineering.
2003: First publication accepted in QST. I wrote it on storm chasing.
2004: Turned in my application to New Mexico Tech, Iowa State and Virginia Tech for graduate school around that time.
2006: Finished up Design of Experiments course, which was really tough.
2007: Turned down a job at a foundry in Indiana.
2008: Working for NMT, also picked up side work at EMRTC.
2009: ?
2010: Getting ready for Atlas Shrugged group. JoAnna and Joey have moved to Albuquerque.
2011: Frustrated at Intel.
2012: Transferred to the ROC at Intel. Hopeful, and excited.
2013: Started High Plains Tours, LLC.
2014: Not sure where Magdalena tutoring is going to go- hours seem to get cut often.
2015: Heat exchanger fails, struggling to stay afloat in classes and with work.
2016: Struggling with Applied Meteorology grad school,  GIS and Remote Sensing classes.  Unit ops is running smoothly.

Anyway, this was a similar post to last year, but I will continue to update this each year to see where I am.  I don’t know why this date keeps reappearing, but it does.

Thank you for reading my post.


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