10/27/16: Daily Post

Happy Birthday, JoAnna!  (10/27)

Yesterday was a strange day.  I spent the day tutoring in Magdalena.  I tutored two Algebra II classes, two AVID classes, Physical Science and Biology.  At the end of the day, I helped them set up a Halloween carnival at the school, but I did not stick around for the carnival.

I went back to NMT, picked up Joey, and then we commuted home.  I think my schedule was wearing on him, as he spent most of the time asleep or near-sleep.  Anyway, he did great, a real trooper when it came to the early mornings and the walking and such.  It’s been fun commuting with him and teaching him microcontrollers.

In the evening, I worked on my second novel a little more.  I added another 1700 words or so, though I have a long ways to go.

At home, I was working on my computer and heard a bang.  I got up and looked around, and there was someone with a flashlight shining in the backyard.  The neighbor knocked on the door and told me her dog had jumped the fence, and asked if she could hop the fence and look for him.  Apparently, the dog crashed into the side of the house, because he’s not very smart.  Anyway, we laughed and she caught the dog.  All is well.

Thank you for reading my post.


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