10/22/16: Daily Post

Yesterday would have been my grandmother’s 100th birthday.  She passed away in 2013, however.  When I was an undergraduate, we used to write letters back and forth every month.  When I started graduate school, she had a mild stroke and was not able to read as well.  She wouldn’t let anyone else read the letters for fear that I had told her some secrets.  I miss her a lot.

I accidentally fell asleep in my office Friday night.  I woke up Saturday morning, too late to attend the CMP and too late to make it back to Rio Rancho for church.  I also hoped to finish up the Remote Sensing lab (that required me to use my office computer), and turn it in late with a 10% penalty.

Instead of attending the Rio Rancho church, I attended the Socorro SDA church, which I had not attended in years.  A few folks still recognized me from those days.  We chatted for a while and had a potluck bean dish dinner after church.

I was able to work through the homework, but, in spite of what the syllabus said about late work, there was no way to submit it.  At least I learned the content, as my final project will use a lot of the same techniques.

I knocked out a few things around tech in the evening, including cleaning up my office, moving some supplies to the design lab, and replacing my stockpile of water.  I also finished out my Defensive Driving certificate, through the online training that was awful.

In the late evening, I commuted back to Rio Rancho.  I called in one drunk driver, and watched the police tail him until he almost drifted into another car.  It was satisfying to see the police lights pop on, having been behind the guy for about 15 miles, watching him drift all over the road.

Anyway, it’s time for bed. Thank you for reading my post.


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