10/21/16: Daily Post

Yesterday ended up being quite frustrating.  I had a good morning at Magdalena, teaching Algebra II to several students.

In the afternoon, I worked on my GIS lab.  I think I did quite well, if I do say so myself.  I was able to complete the entire assignment with only one minor hiccup.  When it was completed, I had three nice maps of Starkville, showing what roads were in the greatest danger of damage due to shrinking and swelling of the soil.

I assisted two chemical engineering freshman groups with their final projects in the afternoon as well.  We ran a few brief experiments concerning how much heat a reaction was emittting.

Then, I started on my Remote Sensing homework that did not work at all as planned. The written instructions were useless and the video that was supposed to go through step-by-step did not match the software that we are using.  I log into one of their computers to do it- so it’s their software!  Anyway, I wasted several hours on that, fell asleep, and then missed turning it in.  It wasn’t complete, and I can turn it in today with a 10% penalty, provided I can get the software to work properly.  I’m trying to decide if it is worth it to try, or whether I should just move on.

A few weeks ago, Remote Sensing was easy and GIS was difficult.  Now GIS is manageable and Remote Sensing is difficult.

Anyway, I fell asleep in my office and woke up here this morning, with too much to do on my day of rest.  I am too late to go to CMP, or church in Rio Rancho, and the campus showers don’t open for another hour, so I’m a little annoyed with everything.

Thank you for reading my annoyed post.


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