10/12/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a little frustrating, but I managed to turn it around.  For the most part, the day was good.  I tutored in Magdalena all morning, then went to a group meeting, and then went to Unit Operations lab.

In Unit Operations lab, I had several problems appeared.  First, the pH probe on the batch reactor went bad.  I confirmed that it was a bad probe and then replaced it.  Then, the distillation column group reported that some of their data didn’t make sense.  I was able to find where their column was not assembled tightly enough to capture all of the vapor.  I also had trouble with the absorption column, but that turned out to be an air compressor that was unplugged.

After Unit Ops, I ran to catch the bus.  In doing so, I left my Remote Sensing book and my headphones sitting on the desk.  This was problematic, as I needed to watch a lecture (and listen to the audio) and use my book to take a Remote Sensing quiz in the afternoon.  I was able, however, to listen to the lecture anyway, as there was almost nobody on my train car.  I completed the quiz

When I arrived home, I cleaned cat boxes, vacuumed, swept and Swiffered the floors.  all in all, it was a good day.


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