10/11/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was less frustrating than Monday, but I was still quite stressed off and on. I started the day by tutoring in Magdalena, which went smoothly. I tutored Algebra II, Physical Science and AVID before returning to NMT.

Once I arrived at NMT, I went to assist with the Freshman Design course. I helped edit a few papers and discuss a few design changes with several groups. I also took a few minutes to reserve a hotel for the AIChE, though I reserved the wrong nights, and will have to correct that later on.

In the late afternoon, I taught my instrumentation class. Yesterday, they began learning LabVIEW, and I think the lab went well. Everyone was capable of doing the work, and I was pleased.

As soon as I was finished with lab, I walked over to Cramer Hall and let a cram session for the amateur radio exam that will occur this weekend. I had maybe around eight students that stuck it out for approximately two and a half hours, asking good questions.

I had Taco Tuesday with my brother and his family before falling asleep on the couch watching Justified.

Thank you for reading my post.


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