10/5/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was incredibly busy as well.  I started out the morning by taking my Remote Sensing midterm exam.  We’ll see how I did- it was all closed book and closed note.  I haven’t taken a test like that in probably ten years.

After I finished the exam, I tutored at Magdalena until one.  I was supposed to come back for a group meeting, but it was cancelled.  Instead, I came back and worked on a few things around the Unit Operations lab just before class.

I spent the first part of Unit Operations lab troubleshooting the deionized water system.  I’m not sure if I actually fixed it, but we have flow again, albeit weak flow.  I will need to tear that system apart next, as soon as I finish doing what needs doing on the absorption column.

After lab, I drove to Santa Fe for a Landmark Seminar.  This one was on relationships, but, between the long commute, ducking out of work early to get there, and a few other things, I opted out of it last night.  I won’t be taking this one, but perhaps the next one.

Thank you  for reading my post.


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