9/8/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a strange, blurry day for me.  I missed the train (once again) and ended up driving the truck to Socorro.  Now, all three of my (running) vehicles are in Socorro.  However, after that mess, things went alright.

I started out the day by tutoring at Magdalena.  I tutored right up until 3 pm, including several AVID classes, an algebra II class, and two physical science classes.

At 3, I left and went to the Boys and Girls Ranches with several other students for our first tutoring session there.  That went well.  I was pleased with the turn-out of tutors and students.

After the Ranches, I returned to NMT for a series of meetings.  The first meeting was the GraceLife church group, but they start their meetings next week instead.  Soon after that, I had the first Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) meeting, which was quite well attended.  We took a tour of the station and then had a fox hunting session, though we need to repair the connector on the antenna.  I think we were able to find the transmitter when the person who hid the transmitter said, “I hid it behind a Land Rover in the parking lot.”

At some point, I fell asleep in my office chair.

Thank you for reading my post.


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