8/18/16: Daily Post

I missed posting for 8/17.  That’s the first day in a long time where I have not posted, and I admit to being disappointed in myself.  I fell asleep on my brother’s couch and did not wake up until the next morning.

Yesterday was a strange day all the way around. It was a half-day at Magdalena, as part of the day was dedicated to a memorial service for a student who had passed away on Saturday.  He was killed in a car accident, and the circumstances were quite terrible.

The service was very well done. This student used to lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, and was notorious for pulling the fire alarm. In fact, all of the fire alarms had signs that said, “NO!” above them.  For his memorial service, the first thing we did was stand and recite the Pledge.  The memorial service concluded with a fire drill.  After that, we released balloons and had a potluck dinner, where we all shared memories of this student.

I never actually had this student in class.  I knew who he was, and had seen him around the school almost every day for my two years there.  He was always friendly and laughing and making everything into games and jokes.

What continues to strike me about Magdalena is how the community is so tightly knit. Everyone knew this student, and everyone was tied to him in some way.  Before the service, the school gym (where the service was held) was closed to all but family members.  I played “guard” but several other teachers were there telling me whom was family, and whom to let through the door.  The teachers and staff and students all knew- “That was his aunt,”   “that was his second cousin,” and so on.  Also, even though this student was quite different than most of the other kids at the school, many students had made signs in tribute to hang up on the wall.  The closest I came to crying during the service was seeing the signs over the fire alarm;  in particular, one student had written under the existing sign, such that it read, “NO!    Just kidding, go ahead and pull it, we miss you!”

After the service, I got a few things running in the Unit Operations lab and then went to my brother’s house, and somehow fell asleeep on the couch.

Thank you  for reading my post.


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