8/14/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was quite busy.   I started the day by working on the Malibu for quite some time.  I wanted to get the window to roll up again, as the power window had failed.  I disassembled the door, and magically, the switch started working again. There’s nothing worse than an intermittent problem, so I drove to the junk yard and bought another switch, so that when this one does fail, I’ll have a replacement on hand.

After that, I finished out my grocery shopping for the weekend, and then returned home to cook the rest of the meals for the week.  I also ran some laundry, cleaned the cat boxes, added 40 lbs of salt (level 2) in the water softener and did some random cleaning and sorting.

I also tested out my new gas-powered weed whacker, which worked quite well.  The biggest complaint I had with it was the vibration and the fact that it threw grass much farther and harder. I had to take a shower afterwards, as I was completely covered in clippings.  Other than that, it worked like a charm.

In the evening, I fell asleep in my computer chair with one cat behind my head (Lester) and another just off my right arm (Abe).

Thank you for reading my post.


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