8/6/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out the day with a six mile run, which worked out pretty well.  I did get chased by two stray dogs in different areas, both of which were gigantic, and had no owners in sight.

After my run, I went to church at the Rio Rancho SDA church.  It’s always a good time there.  The sermon talked about how Seventh-Day Adventists were formerly known as the “People of the Book,” which I thought was neat.

In the afternoon, I did some reading; I read several issues of Machine Design Today, as well as another chapter in “Rouge Warrior.”

In the late afternoon, a moderately strong thunderstorm rolled through town, dropping at least 0.57 inches of rain (the highest hourly total on my weather station), and had some close lightning strikes as well.  I got off the computer and watched the storm, calming down my scared dog.

After sundown, I did some major shopping, as I need to repair my closet.  The shelf and bar crashed down a week or two ago (too much stuff hanging up), and so I bought a set of shelves for the closet, and will probably go out and replace the brackets today.  The shelf is trashed- it is warped so badly that it won’t fit in the closet any more.  I also picked up a gas powered weed whacker and will test that out soon as well.

Thank you for reading my post.


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