8/1/16: Daily Post

Yesterday started out really frustrating.  I woke up late, and had 20 minutes to get ready, which I did in 18.  That was good. I left to catch the train, and I almost made it.  However, a tractor trailer decided to take up BOTH left turning lanes AND was not far enough forward to trigger the light.  I watched the lights cycle four times before he finally figured it out. When I made it around the corner, I could see the train leaving.

I ended up driving to Socorro, as I had too much to do to skip.  Once I arrived at work, I had several fwith my phone and tablets and things just not working well.

In the afternoon, however, I managed to get a pH probe working with LabVIEW, which I’ve never done before.  I made quite a few improvements to the batch reactor program, including testing for valid ranges on the pH meter and thermocouples, and added some built-in safety measures.

I also took the final exam for Weather Prediction II.  That class is now complete.

In the evening, I drove home and chatted with my parents on the phone.

Overall, yesterday ended well, even though it was garbage in the morning.


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