7/29/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I went for another five mile run.  I also posted the time and route in the Running page on this blog.

I also went to the Albuquerque National Weather Service (NWS) office and volunteered for a few hours.  We tried to launch a weather balloon, but it got delayed because of the approaching storm.  When we did launch it (after the storm had passed), there was quite a bit of bad data.  I was also there for the severe storms that happened across the area, and see how an event like this is handled.

In the evening, I drove home.  On Unser, I saw a car in the median, so I pulled over to help.  They had spun out on the rain-slicked roads and were now hi-centered.  There wasn’t much I could do, and the police showed up as well.  They had friends with a truck, as well as the rest of their car club (they were all Nissan Z series cars), to help pull them out of the median.  Anyway, I chatted with some of the car club folks for a while before heading home.

Overall, it was a good day.

Thank you for reading this post.


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