7/24/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out with a 3.77 mile run. That was about as far as I could go without water. I posted it (and today’s run as well) to my running page.

I then went to the Rio Rancho SDA Church. This week’s sermon was about the Bible and what it means to be an inspired work: because God revealed them to individuals, the writers did not lose their own styles when they wrote. Instead, they put the pictures into words, as it mentions several times.

After church, I visited my girlfriend on her break, as she was assisting with a Landmark course that was in town. I brought her some tomatoes and grapes from my garden.

After her break, I came home and took a several hour nap. I wasn’t feeling well, and I think I overdid it with the sun/heat/running. I felt better in the evening however.

I went grocery shopping and called it a night.

Thank you for reading my post.


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