7/4/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was Independence Day, which is one of my favorite holidays to think about.
I went for another 40 minute run yesterday morning, though at a slower pace than Sunday’s run.

When I returned from my run, I did a bunch of housekeeping with my checkbook, as well as updated some of my other documents.  I am working on a second novel and I updated a few supporting documents around that.  I also paid my car insurance and for my museum membership, both of which were due soon.

The highlight of the day was yesterday evening.  We traveled southeast of Tacoma to meet up with my cousin Andy and his girlfriend at a cabin on Silver Lake.  Growing up, Andy lived a long ways away;  I only saw him twice as a child, so it is always fun to catch up with him.  Here are photos from the lakeshore:





We had a barbecue and then watched people shoot off some fireworks while we sat around the fire pit.  Yes,  a fire pit.  It was cold.

Thank you for reading my post.


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