6/29/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a frustrating day, but I managed to get a few things done.  I finished cleaning out the storage space, which was great.  It didn’t always used to be storage- it used to be a lab, so I also had plenty of cleanup to do.  There was broken PVC pipe (which had frozen and burst long ago), and dry-rotted electrical wires to remove from the ceiling, as well as all of the physical moving.

After that, I went to campus and worked in the Unit Ops lab.  I picked up a few things from Ace, hung a fire extinguisher, and plugged in a lab bench from the drop down ceiling plug (which required me to haul a 12′ ladder from across campus).  In doing so, I accidentally broke a pressure gauge that will need to be replaced.  Two hours later, I plugged in a bench, but broke a gauge.  That was some of the frustration.

In the evening, the plan was to go to the Landmark Seminar. On my commute up to Albuquerque, I got shaky and not feeling well.  I decided I needed to eat, and that I could stop at Whole Foods for a quick snack.  I arrived, found food, and then waited in line for 15 minutes, only to find that the registers weren’t working.  I put my food back and left without dinner.  I then tried to commute to the seminar, only I totally spaced where it was.  After driving around until 7:30, I gave up and went home.

At home, I had some dinner, and felt a little better.  However, I decided it was better that I go to bed than to try to do anything else with my level of frustration.

Thank you for reading my post.


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