6/9/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I moved a few more things from our department storage space, as well as put in a request for some undergraduate helpers.  I’m at the point now where it is inefficient for me to struggle with some heavy things when I could get everything out of there quickly with one or two other people.

It rained in Socorro in the afternoon, so I did some other work around the design lab instead.  I am setting up some safety procedures and moving things to their proper places.

I took the train home and finished reading Capitalism:  The Unknown Ideal, by Ayn Rand, for the third or fourth time.  It is a collection of essays about capitalism by herself, as well as a few other authors.  Even though the specific event that triggered the essay each essay is long over, the principles behind them are not.  One can read about the student revolt at the University of California and see the same reasoning behind the riots against Donald Trump.  It still applies.

After that, I started working on an article for QST, and have quite a ways to go on it.  However, I needed to get started and put some things on paper, as I’ve been putting it off for quite some time.

In the late evening, I made the mistake of downloading FreeCol, which is a free version of an old game (Colonization) that my brother and I used to play when we were teenagers in Colonial Beach.  It’s a great game, though I haven’t figured all of it out.

Thank you for reading my post.


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