6/5/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I went for a run first thing in the morning.  I ran 2.16 miles, which is the longest I’ve run since maybe last summer (or maybe the summer before, I can’t remember).  I’ve only run 2 miles on a handful of occasions.

After that, I worked in my garden and around my house.  I planted some sweet potatoes and a zucchini, and did some weeding.  I also went grocery shopping and cooked a week’s worth of dinners for everyone.  I cleaned the cat boxes and swept and so on.  All stuff that needed to happen!

In the evening, I watched my first two Oceanography lectures and worked on the homework assignment that is due in a week.  I posted to several blogs and also updated some of my amateur radio logbooks.

At sunset, I went for a brief bicycle ride to a storm that was occurring in Albuquerque.  From the West Mesa, I could see most of the storm.  Here are a few photos from that short ride:

6-5-16 storm 016-5-16 storm 02

Thank you for reading my post and enjoy the photos.


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