5/2/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a relatively easy day. I drove to Magdalena and did some tutoring. I turned in my timesheet and had a discussion about my retirement plan. Afte that, it was into the classroom for me.

In the afternoon, I returned to NMT, and administered several individualized final exams. I do these for each of my students; they have to explain to me why they got the answers they got on a problem set. I pick a problem, and each student picks a problem. That way, they have to do all of them, and they get the experience of teaching someone else. After both problems are completed, I ask them what questions they had on the final, (what problems they were hoping I didn’t choose!) From there, I explain the fundamental principles each student might have missed. I need some practice, but I think this is a different way of thinking about final exams.

In the evening, I went to a college student-led church group. One of my students invited me a few weeks ago, and several other students of mine were there. This is only the second time I’ve attended, but it is always a good time.

After that, I went for a walk. I ran into a former student and chatted with her for the better part of an hour. It was good to catch up!

I had dinner at my brother’s house, and then crashed there for the evening.

Thank you for reading my post.


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