4/22/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a stress-inducing day.  The morning was great; I did some tutoring at both West Mesa HS and John Adams MS.  One school in Albuquerque was going to attempt an amateur radio contact with the International Space Station, so we tried to stream it live over the internet, only to find that the internet connection was too flaky to keep up.  My handheld radio was unable to pick up much of the contact at all, either.  There was clearly someone there, but there was no solid copy.

After tutoring, I went to the New Mexico Education Retirement Board to argue with them about my retirement account.  They are taking 11% out of all of my paychecks (not just from my primary job, but from my two part time jobs), and furthermore, are telling me that because I hadn’t been paying into it, they are taking MORE (80% of one of my paychecks) until I’ve paid back what I “owe.”  All I know is that they are a bunch of crooks and I’ll likely never see that money.  I should quit and work at McDonald’s- it will pay more than the Albuquerque Public Schools will, if you subtract out what they are taking for the retirement I’ll likely never see.

I was then contacted by my home owners insurance company; they want a detailed list of firearms I own before they’ll insure any of them.  I’m going to tell them to kick rocks and find a new company.

I came home and finished out my Spanish homework and my English Literature homework.  There won’t be too many more of those!

Anyway, yesterday was frustrating and filled entirely with idiots.

Thank you for reading my post.


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