4/7/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was relatively uneventful, though I’ve lost the game of car musical chairs. I drove my truck to the train station yesterday, but then brought the Crown Vic home from Socorro, meaning I have a the Malibu and the Crown Vic in Rio Rancho, and the truck at the train station.

As it stands right now: my antenna mount was broken off by a student (Crown Vic). I don’t know if I can replace it in time for the radio contest this weekend, so I may drive the truck instead. I would like to get the Malibu in for a coolant leak repair. I need to register the truck today, so I’ll have to swap them sometime this afternoon. Next week, I will need to drive to Socorro on Monday, and can take the truck or the Crown Vic. Tuesday, I will remain in Albuquerque. I will need to drive Wednesday and return Wednesday night, but will also need a car Thursday in Socorro, though I can get a ride home. It would be nice if the Thursday car was the Malibu. I would like to have the truck at the house on the weekends to get stuff for gardening.

Also, the raft only holds three, counting you, and you can’t leave the fox and the chicken together unattended, and the rabbit must be the first one across the river, and…

I did skip out on going to the Boys and Girls Ranches yesterday, but I did get a few pressing items off my to do list.

Thank you for reading this post.


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