3/12/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was relatively uneventful.  I had originally planned on going for a run and doing some gardening, but the weather turned foul by early afternoon.  I had taken Joey over to a role-playing event, but he soon called to say that he was ready to go- too cold, too much wind, and snow flurries!

In the evening, I ran some laundry and did some cooking.  We have a fridge full of stir fry meals and burgers.  I also cooked a set of burgers and broccoli for family dinner yesterday evening.

I also worked on some homework for my Landmark Seminar- which helped distinguish some of why I work on too much stuff in general.  I tend to try to “keep my word” rather than “honoring my word,” so much so that I will go through with a plan that is destined to fail in the name of keeping my word, rather than taking a step back, admitting that the plan isn’t going to work, and then coming up with a better plan.

Anyway, thank you for reading my post this evening.



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