2/29/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was quite an exciting day for me.  I spent the morning tutoring at Magdalena, earning a few hours of pay.  This is important, as I will miss a few hours later this month, so making them up early is always a good thing.

In the afternoon, I fired up my metal casting furnace with the Junior Design class.  I have been really nervous to do so, but it worked flawlessly, once I figured it all out.  I was nervous about the propane tank (I’ve never even fired a propane grill), and I was nervous about starting it (how much propane? how will I know?) and then I was nervous about pouring metal into damp sand, and the potential to splatter alumnium everywhere.  Thankfully, the machine shop manager loaned us his welding area, and the materials department loaned us safety equipment.

The sand-work was difficult and we didn’t do that part correctly.  We had quite a few issues setting up the mold.  However, the casting went safely.  The metal bubbed out significantly, due to the high moisture content of the sand, but otherwise, even the pour worked out.

We let the furnace cool overnight in the lab, and I’ll post photos over the next week.

In the evening, I shot during air rifle practice.  I did alright, and I am starting to get back into the practice of shooting again.  I can call my shots, know when I’m shaking too much, when my natural point of aim has changed, or when my breathing is not correct.

I taught the fifth section of my amateur radio course. I think we have a date set for the exam, and so the student were happy to hear that. We also began construction of our 40 meter receiver so the students had a good time- less PowerPoint and rules and regulations and more hands-on activites.

I had dinner with my brother and fell asleep soon afterwards.

Thank you for reading my post.


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