2/28/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a busy day for me.  I started out the morning by going for a run.  I ran a mile up the hill (not my best time, but better than yesterday), and then walked back to the house.  When I arrived back at the house, I went to the shed in my backyard.  I discovered yesterday that the exposed roof joists in this shed make great pull-up bars.  I did my very first pull-up yesterday on one of these bars!  I knew I was getting close to being able to do one last year, but over the winter, I wasn’t able to go to the playground to try it out.  Yesterday, with all of the kids on the playground, I wasn’t able to test it out either.  However, this roof joist was ideal, as I can’t just “jump” for part of it, I can only lift.

After that, I did five loads of laundry, returned something at Walmart (and bought the replacement), bought some dog food and a dog toy (which is already lost somewhere), and finished out my week’s cooking.

School-wise, I finished up my Spanish homework for the week, just in time to get new assignments this week.  I also read my Sociology book and did my third quiz for that class.  I set up my MS State email to forward to my regular inbox as well, so that now I don’t have to swap windows each time to read all of my emails.

In the afternoon, I made several contacts on 20 meters while I was running my errands, plus checked into the evening 2 meter local net.

Classwork-wise, I posted two sets of questions (one for the General class license and one for the Technician class license) and the lecture for the week for my amateur radio licensure class.  I also posted a lecture and homework for my instrumentation class.

I did my group call for Landmark as well.

And yet, I feel like I was not as productive as I needed to be.

Thank you for reading my post.


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