2/23/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the morning commuting to Magdalena, and then tutoring algebra.

I did do a weather forecast yesterday, though it was not for New Mexico.  It was my first severe storm forecast of the year!  A strong mid-latitude cyclone moved through the south and is now moving through the Mid-Atlantic region.  I’m watching the weather closely today, as this system is bearing down on my friends and family, and everywhere I lived for the first 24 years of my life!

After tutoring, I went to NMT to teach my instrumentation class. This week, we started a several-week unit on Stamp Microcontrollers, and so I think the students had fun playing with them in class.

One thing that I took for granted as a student, but now appreciate as a teacher is coming up with an obective grading system.  Sometimes, I have students that come up with the correct answer, but I don’t necessary follow how they did it.  I sometimes mark off points, and then they get angry and come and exlain it to me. Then I give them back the points.  Other times, I have students that say a whole lot of correct things, but then one wrong thing.  Are they more wrong than the person who said the correct thing, but did not elaborate on it any more than the bare minimum?

I have been returning all of hte homework a week after I received it.  I think that is an accomplishment!  It is also challenging to develop homework that can be elaborate and challenging, but then easy to grade.  There’s a strange balance that I can’t characterize, but I have some homework problems that meet it.

After class, I knocked out my English Literature homework, posted on my radio blog, and then commuted home.  In the late evening, I met with my H&R Block representative and finished up my taxes.

Wow, taxes, homework and commuting.  Sorry to bore you guys, but thank you for reading my post.




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