2/22/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I drove to Magdalena.  The time is going by so quickly this semester that I had forgotten to turn in my timesheet on Thursday.  I was able to get it in at Magdalena on time Monday morning.

I had managed to get my labs set up for this week otherwise, so I stayed and tutored all morning.  I typically do not tutor on Mondays, as I use that time to get ready for my labs throughout the week.

After that, I went to Junior Design and met with a group that wants to do some metal casting. I had hauled my propane-fired furnace down to NMT and we’ll fire it up next week.

In the evening, I shot at air rifle practice.    I actually did well, as compared to two weeks ago.

I then taught the fourth section of my Amateur Radio Licensure class.  I think it went alright, though I only had about half of my students for no apparent reason.

In the late evening, I went to my brother’s house and had dinner with him and his family.

Thank you for reading my post.



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