2/20/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I went for a quick run in the morning.  I didn’t quite go a mile, as my chest started to hurt.  I’ve been getting over a light cold, so I think I probably over did it.  I did find a 5′ long, metal pole in a trash heap in the abandoned area where I run.  I brought that home- I can use it as an antenna mount.

When I returned home, I started working in the garden.  I de-rocked for a while, and replaced the boards that border my garden.

In the afternoon, I took Joey to the Lego Club here in town.  We have several libraries in the area, and all of them are nice.  This particular one has a Lego Club for an hour and a half every few weeks.  I played with Legos and the other kids while I finished out my Sociology reading for the week.

In the evening, we went to dinner at Annapurna and worked on a few projects.  I finished up my 4th set of lesson plans for the Amateur Radio Licensure class, JoAnna worked on a set of PowerPoint slides, and Joey uploaded a few videos to his YouTube channel.

We had intended to watch Justified last night, but I think everyone fell asleep before that happened.

Thank you for reading my post.


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