2/19/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started the morning by hitching a ride with my girlfriend to the train station to pick up one of my cars.  On Thursday, I had left it there, having taken the train down to Socorro in the morning, and then driving home in the evening.

I tutored at West Mesa High and John Adams Middle.  That is always a fun time;  I actually enjoy working with the middle schoolers, too, which I didn’t expect.

In the afternoon, I did a bunch of grocery shopping an errand running.  I bought a bunch of eggs (8 dozen), but managed to break somewhere around 2 dozen driving home.  Disappointing, to say the least!

In the evening, I worked on my Spanish homework and my English Literature homework.  I completed the Spanish homework, but the English Literature homework was not complete.  I submitted what I had, so hopefully, I’ll get partial credit.

After that, I added a post on my industrial archeology page, which featured a part of our trip to Seattle a few years back for the Society for Industrial Archeology conference (2011).  This post was dedicated to a dinner cruise we took in Elliott Bay, and Joey got to play Captain for a bit (6/5/11):


Thank you for reading my post.


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