2/11/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a half-day at Magdalena. I went there to tutor in the morning, and along the commute, played on ten meters. The band was wide open, though I only made one contact. I need to tune my antenna a bit (perhaps replace the Hamstick that is battered badly after a bird strike), but I could clearly hear Hawaii, Bolivia, Brazil, Croatia, Canada (Quebec), as well as several stateside stations.

After tutoring, I called a friend of mine at another university to discuss the possibility of pursuing a PhD. She had lots of good thoughts on the subject and answered all of my questions. I will probably visit her and her department in a few weeks.

In the late afternoon, I did some tutoring at the Boys and Girls Ranches. I had two NMT students with me, so that was great. One of the students gives me a ride back to Albuquerque, and I appreciate it greatly.

In the evening, I continued working on my English Literature homework and reading. I did realize that I left one of my textbooks in my office, and so I will either have to go pick it up, or find a suitable one in the library this weekend. I have an essay due Monday, but I will not return to my office until Tuesday.

Thank you for reading this post.


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